Save the Children Spain visits the front lines of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Thursday 5 July 2018

Hiba Abouk helps color a drawing with a Syrian refugee child in Little Hands Early Learning Centre, in Zaatari Refugee Camp, July 2, 2018. Photo by Ahmed Muhsen.

Hiba Abouk and a Spanish delegation spent two days visiting refugees around Jordan

By Anton L. Delgado | Save the Children Jordan


MAFRAQ/AMMAN, JORDAN - During their second trip to Jordan, Save the Children Spain brought with them one of their most popular spokeswomen, Hiba Abouk.

Abouk, a Spanish actress with Tunisian heritage, is most well known for her role as Fatima in the hit drama and suspense show El Principe. The delegation from Spain spent two days in Jordan visiting a refugee host community in Amman and Zaatari Refugee Camp in Mafraq.

On her first day, Abouk visited “Safe You Safe Me” Project managed by Save the Children Jordan in Amman, where she attended one of the child marriage sessions and engaged in one of the activities with the beneficiaries.

“I hope the situation for the refugees will improve in the future and that Save the Children will continue to support them,” Abouk said.

Hiba Abouk sits with the students at one of Save the Children Jordan’s projects in a refugee host community in Amman, July 1, 2018. Photo by Ahmed Muhsen. 

After her time in the host community Abouk went to Zaatari Camp where she visited Little Hands Early Learning Centre, one of the three ELCs Save the Children Jordan runs within the camp. She played, painted and danced with the children enrolled at the Centre. According to Save the Children Jordan’s records, these ELCs annually graduate 5,000 students.

 “I came to Jordan to visit Zaatari Camp and to see how Save the children is implementing their projects,” Abouk said. “I am very happy to see Save the Children work here on the ground.”

With her throughout the entire trip was Andres Conde, the Executive Director of Save the Children Spain. This was his second visit to Zaatari Camp and Conde participated in many of the same activities as Abouk, having the most fun when interacting with the children.

Andres Conde receives a paper crown from one of the students enrolled in Little Hands Early Learning Centre in Zaatari Refugee Camp, July 2. Photo by Nancy Afram.

Conde worked with members of Save the Children Spain’s media team to capture special moments between Abouk and the children she interacted with. He is hopeful Abouk’s experience in Jordan will help her as she leads a fundraising campaign for the Save the Children Spain office.

 On her last day in Jordan, Abouk posted this message on her Instagram page.

 “Today was one of the most important days of my life, knowing the Syrian refugee camp in Zaatari and hearing their stories first hand has been very impressive,” Abouk wrote. “We can not turn our back on  this conflict or exhaust ourselves because it has lasted for 7 years. Any of us could have been born in Syria and be a victim of this war. Let’s be supportive and support the refugees, they need us. Thank you Save the Children for the wonderful work you do and for allowing me to be the spokesperson for the Syrian children.”

Hiba Abouk makes hearts with the students at one of Save the Children Jordan’s projects in a refugee host community in Amman, July 1, 2018. Photo by Ahmed Muhsen.