Syrian Children Launch Photo and Art Exhibition to Document Life as Refugees

Thursday 21 March 2013

Syrian Children Launch Photo and Art Exhibition to Document Life as Refugees


Amman, 21 March 2013 – Children who fled the conflict in Syria to Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan are to display a series of their photographs and drawings in an exhibition in Amman.

Save the Children and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today opened the exhibition, “Tomorrow’s Memories: Life in Za’atari Camp through the Eyes of the Children”,  which showcases artistic projects of children living in the sprawling camp close to Syria’s border. The exhibition is being held at a gallery in Amman’s Wild Jordan Café.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by Tamer Kirolos, Save the Children’s Country Director in Jordan and UNICEF’s Representative in Jordan, Dominique Hyde.

The project aims to help refugee children recover from their experiences by giving them the space to express themselves, share their stories and stimulate their imagination. Save the Children and UNICEF are using arts-based activities and photography as a method to help children regain their confidence, self-esteem and hope. Children were taught how to use a camera and encouraged to photograph and draw scenes from their everyday life as a form of therapeutic self expression.  

Hyde said on the occasion, “This event has given the opportunity for Syrian children to express what they feel, to show to the outside world, through their photos, a glimpse of their life in the camp,” She also added, “I would like to thank all of our donors for working with us inside and outside the camp to provide a suitable environment for children.”

Kirolos said: “The drawings and photographs in this exhibition show the depth of talent and creativity we see every day in our work with Syria’s children. They may have fled a terrible war, but the children behind this exhibition have shown that, given the chance, they are capable of great things. We must continue to do everything we can to ensure the enormous potential of Syria’s children is given the chance to flourish. Projects like this are the first step in that process.”    

 Save the Children has been partnering with UNICEF to support Syrian refugee children in Jordan by running Child Friendly Spaces and psychosocial activities that take place inside the camp, helping children to rebuild a sense of stability and to recover from their experiences inside Syria.