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Promising Futures

Exploitative child labor is a phenomenon of growing concern in Jordan. It affects children’s right to education and is harmful to their physical, mental, moral and social development. Save the Children, along with the local NGO Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) (through its Social Support Centre and Youth Build International), is supporting national efforts to combat child labor in Jordan.

We are focusing on prevention and withdrawal of children in labor through education services, and strengthening the livelihoods families by providing access to income generating activities.

Through the Promising Futures program, Save the Children supports child laborers as part of their overall psychosocial rehabilation and social reintegration. We aim to address the two root causes of child labor: poverty and issues in the education system, both causing children to drop out of school and prematurely enter the labor market. To make our efforts sustainable, we are building up on existing services and working in close collaboration with national stakeholders.

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Education Reform Support Program (ERSP)

The ERSP consists of the Early Childhood Education component (ECE) and the Youth, Technology and Careers component (YTC). The project is funded by USAID, and functions as a support to the Ministry of Education (MoE). The ERSP also supports the Education Reform, a part of the Knowledge Economy project (ERfKE), which is administrated by the MoE. The aim of the reform is to produce graduates with skills to gain knowledge for being successful in the economic sphere.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) aims specifically to build the capacity of teachers, principals, and supervisors in order to provide high-quality early childhood education to children at the kindergarten level. The program also works together with the Ministry of Education in reviewing the ECE policies to ensure that adequate criteria, standards, and systems for ECE are in place. Through the ECE program, Save the Children assists the Ministry’s ECE Division in providing quality access to public kindergartens. This is done through improving children’s readiness for school, the physical learning environment, building the capacity of the ECE staff at both the central and field level, and encouraging the parents to participate in their children’s development. The ECE also helps bridge the gap between the learning environment in both KGs and first grades, expanding the thematic approach to include grades 1-3, and supporting the improvement of the ECE quality assurance system.

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Youth, Technology and Career (YTC) activities aim at building a framework of life skills, and to prepare students for the workforce, through hands-on learning opportunities based on active partnerships between public schools and local businesses. The YTC component includes two programs: the School-to-Career (STC) Program and the Life Skills through Sports (LStS) Program. STC mainly supports students’ acquisition of life and workforce skills by providing labor market learning opportunities. The program includes in-school career counseling sessions, youth livelihoods mapping exercises, school based career days and summer internships in work places. The LSTS program works to improve communication, teamwork, problem-solving, negotiation and critical thinking skills. It also aims at building self-confidence and enhancing the physical well-being of youth through sports.

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